About Teresa
Molested as a child, Teresa was emotionally at risk but found a beacon in her faith and education.
Teresa excelled academically, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Psychology, a Master’s in Counseling and Master’s in Business Administration, and Doctorate in Education Leadership. She went from “Ugliest Little Black Child” to Counselor, Professor, Coach, Author, and now Motivational Speaker. Dr. TAS life exemplifies Napoleon Hill’s quote, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” This dynamic speaker passionately helps others remove the restrictions that keep them stagnant.
Individual Coaching
Middle school is a time of uncertainty and exploration.
This atmosphere presented the freedom for Teresa to do her first coaching session when she encouraged her classmates, who were struggling with the effects of divorce, rape, family secrets, and trauma. She unknowingly discovered her passion for educating, encouraging, and empowering others based on the life lessons she learned by refusing to keep people’s secrets and suffer.
Group Coaching Seminars
Dr. TAS provides an empowering three-day transformational group coaching seminar. 

The sessions facilitate personal discovery and growth. Participants leave with a plan created to jumpstart their emotional and behavioral response to triggers and unfinished business.
Dr. Teresa A. Smith has proven to be a powerhouse communicator. Dr. TAS’ talk on Stronger How Overcoming Life’s Adversities Can Push You Into Your Purpose, will challenge men, women, young, and old to tap into their internal passion and persevere. 
Through her victory over victimhood, she presents principles to help others find redemption despite their life circumstances. Book, Dr. TAS, as a keynote speaker for your next event to experience her unique way of connecting with her audiences.

Our Partners

Our Partners
The Core Purpose
Their Mission: ​ To connect our clients to their true purpose of their profession, improving outcomes and revolutionizing the American Education Philosophy with the focus on the education of the Whole Child.
“STRONGER How Overcoming Life’s Adversities Can Push You Into Your Purpose,” helps you identify, understand, and embrace your truth.
Recognition and appreciation of your extraordinary existence is the first step to freedom from internal and external restraints. “STRONGER” provides principles to nurture and support personal growth and wellbeing.